If there were one song that could, in an ideal world, truly show the disruptive abilities of gamification to the Billboard charts, it's Baltimore-based producer KW Griff's "Chris Rock Joint." Getting the samples cleared for the track wouldn't be the hardest part, as the track itself samples Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz's "Chris Rock In the Club" skit from the group's 2005 album Crunk Juice. The bigger budget would be getting the obvious Vegas video together featuring Lil Jon and Chris Rock at say, XS, where feasibly you could have KW Griff opening for Baltimore club-familiar DJ/producer Diplo during a Mad Decent Mondays night as the video shoot. I can't think of two people that mainstream America loves would enjoy watching more than Chris Rock and Lil Jon being Chris Rock and Lil Jon - especially in a club scenario. Furthermore, imagine the potential for a viral video campaign involving folks living, dying, getting [their] car washed, going to school, going to the cleaners, going to church, paying [their] taxes, going to library, and a plethora of other activities in the club. In a manner similar to the viral sensation that was people breaking out in the "Harlem Shake" in random places, folks in Middle America and the most mainstream and casual adopters of EDM culture getting in on the act would appear to be the most obvious of marketable concepts.