With a world gone fitness crazy and health mad, alongside an EDM scene that definitely focuses more on thin women who fit the stereotype of being aesthetically appealing, this twenty-year old Doo Dew Kidz collaboration is a no brainer. Plus-sized women twerking, dropping it low, turning up, getting plurnt or maybe even breaking out the "Spongebob," "Wu-Tang," or "Crazy Legs" to this one could likely make it a guaranteed smash. A mainstream label budgeted video with say, RiFF RAFF or Action Bronson throwing in a sixteen would likely somehow provide an incredibly entertaining and unbelievably unique visual as well. As well, if Instavid, Vine, and WorldStar were ever added to Billboard's algorithm, it would be game over as the levels of ratchetness and "can't turn my head away" replay-ability for clips of individuals creating their own videos set to the song would likely be unbelievably high.