There are all kinds of random holidays celebrated on some Hallmark employees' calendar of calendars. I remember growing up trying to figure out what the point of Arbor Day is, but some of the holidays these days are wild. Example: Did you know that today, October 7, 2013, is "Bald And Free Day?" Yeah, it's weird. It's apparently been celebrated on October 14, but word is that it's being celebrated on October 7 this year. Yeah. We're not entirely sure what one should do on Bald And Free day, but we did get to realizing: Some of our favorite DJs are bald.

Whether it's to look cool or out of necessity of not looking old, going bald and staying bald can be a way of life. Hell, the writer of these words is a proud bald man, out of necessity; those random patches of non-hair on my scalp just don't cut it, so every seven days I cut it. And, sure, I'd love to have a dope head of hair like some of my favorite selectors, but knowing that I'm in a club that includes the likes of Goldie, Doc Scott, TJR, Carl Cox, and Grooverider? I'm OK with that.

In any case, join us in celebrating Bald And Free Day today with this look at some of our favorite non-hair DJs.

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