As an institution in LA nightlife, culture, and the lives of anyone who's ever breezed through the SoCal EDM scene, it's hard to believe that Avalon Hollywood has only been around 10 years. But a decade it is, baby birds, and November 2 they're ringing it in with none other than trance legend, Paul Oakenfold.

In a town where club turnover is more common than the thick traffic you sit in on your way there, and fickle twentysomethings flip flop on nightlife trendiness faster than most places can figure out the line to in-house clubber ratio, it's safe to say that 10 years is quite the milestone. And what better way to ring in those years of ass shaking and frivolous paycheck spending than to invite back the man who started it off back in 2003 - Mr. Paul Oakenfold (alongside Andy Caldwell and Kristina Sky). '03 til infinity, Avalon. Here's to ten more.


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