This is sort of like the evil version of "pay it forward," where someone else made us feel displeasure, and now we feel an obligation to pass it on to you, the reader.

Here is yet another artist who sprinkles a bit of hip-hop slang with profanity throughout his song. Tough to determine the motive—trying to be funny? To Bring Genres Together? To recreate some sort of hip-hop 'attitude,' without bothering with the fundamental characteristics that make the genre interesting? Hip-hop and twerking exist as stand-ins for counterculture and rebellion, for transgression. This stuff is super-abrasive, but not in a challenging your sensibilities, maaan way. More like arrogantly clueless. 

Also, does dude drop a random n-bomb in the first few seconds? Classy.

Attila are a "deathcore" band from Atlanta.