In Noisey's latest episode of their "Back & Forth" interview series with A$AP Rocky, the Harlem rapper talks to Snoop Dogg about a number of hilarious and likewise insightful topics.

A$AP asks Snoop about how groupies have changed since he came in the game in the '90s, and Snoop's response is priceless. "The '90s groupies were all women. It was a minimal male groupie percentage, but they would get their ass kicked so quick that they would get turned off fast where they would become haters," Snoop says. "Now in the 2000s, you deal with more males than you deal with females. And they attach onto you a little harder and it's kind of hard to be disrespectful, because at the same time this is a fan."

On a more serious note, Snoop tells A$AP about the pitfalls of success, specifially dealing with close friends who want to achieve the same thing. "There's 60 niggas that you was rapping with, and out of them 60 you the motherfucking one. And you can go back and try to help all 60 of them, but guess what, ain't none of them ever going to be you," Snoop states. "I can't make you a star. Stars are born, they're not made."

Watch the full clip above.

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