Recently, This Song Slaps premiered this track, and as a music journalist, avid lover of music, and self-proclaimed superhero, it is my civic duty to share it with the public. Kasum, an avid believer in first person point of view who seems to love music as much as myself, is something of a superhero himself. His superpower is the ability to be in two places at once, as his SoundCloud tells us he represents both Boston and New York.

Just to be contradictory, the anonymous superhero likes this producer very much. She thinks his newest remix is an anthem for superheroes everywhere. If the original track is motivating, Kasum's version literally posesses supernatural powers. It is awe-inspiring, beautiful melodic dubstep. He has a collection of everyone's favorite emotional hits from the past turned electronic bangers on his soundcloud page. They are ALL worth a listen.

Call me Christopher Reeves today, because my back is broken from too much turn up with all these sick throwbacks I have been listening to. I am talking original Superman shit for this anonymous superhero. In the spirit of Kasum's favorite POV, I endorse the fuck out of this track, as does This Song Slaps and the many artists who support this dude (3LAU, Henrix, SirensCeol, Party Ghost, Pierce Fulton, Mutrix, George Moneve, Bombs Away, Paris Burns, James Egbert, Thand and Synchronice).