It's probably about time that we stop being angry at SFX Entertainment's Robert Sillerman and learn how to work around him. With an arm around Afrojack and an eye primed on the future, the company's desire to globally brand, stratify and grow electronic music culture from a scene into a full-fledged commodity has taken shape. The far reaching effects of these ideas are not yet readily apparent, but if predictions of a $20 billion dollar EDM industry by 2018 develop as planned, SFX's growth into a dance industry leader of monolithic proportions will be swift and immediate. Arguably, the key to SFX's involvement in EDM rests squarely on the shoulders of America's pop culture romance with sick ass drops and festival environments. Given that this is the case, if the bottom falls out of the industry in that same amount of time, the reactions may possibly be fatal. Putting a large percentage of the hopes for sustainability of future of dance in the hands of one man and one organization is quite possibly an unwise idea. However, what if an idea became reality that extends the era and aura of dance's success in the name of governing a now radically expanded community?

If we stand to reason that so much of what is happening is predicated on positive American attitudes towards dance, it may be time for the creation of an American Dance Music Association (ADMA). Working in a manner similar to say, the National Football League's Players Association (NFLPA), the ADMA would advocate for the commercial welfare and personal health of DJs and producers, as well as also creating sustainable services for the empowerment of young and developing artists. In imagining the amount of money in EDM as not just being tall - but in being long, too - the creation of the ADMA is something that should be considered. Obviously, the question to be asked is how would it work? Definitely keep reading.

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