Since its release last week, Adventure Club's new EP Calling All Heroes, Part 1 has been receiving a lot of buzz. Looks like this anonymous superhero isn't the only one who has had the tracks on repeat. The NYC-based DJ/producer/filmmaker Liam Dirlam has also spent some serious time with the album.

His music project VOODOO FARM infuses just about every genre known inside and out of the electronic world: electro soul/future funk/hip-hop/dubstep/glitchhop/moombahton, and releases these self-made tracks, usually with a corresponding music video. His sound is ridiculously unique, mashing together so many different elements so that even a song you've heard a hundred times sounds completely new. There is nothing this dude will not remix, from The Doors to Notorious B.I.G., Jay Z and Adele to Outkast. His music is a proper representation of the all encompassing nature of music.

Sitting so far outside of elitist genre classifications by including a little bit of everything in his music (farmstep as he calls it) is quite refreshing in an arena where it seems everything has been done.

His newest remix is a result of listening to Adventure Club's new EP on repeat. An electro house spin on the dreamy track from Calling All Heroes, "Wonder" ft. the Kite String Triangle. Sped up and chopped up, Voodoo Farm brings us a more traditional type remix than some of his other mashups. Just like the rest of his collection, this track is as new and different as the original release. 

It is no wonder he chose to remix it.

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