The Mariana Trench is recorded as the deepest point in the world's oceans, so it makes sense that the newly-debuted Above & Beyond track of the same name would also be one deeeeeeeeeep number. Premiered last weekend at Above & Beyond Group Therapy #50, "Mariana Trench" is a forward-moving, electro-bassline inspired, classic Above & Beyond trance tune. No, not the 138BPM trance that was popping mollies and clubs off in the late '90s but the slower, more accessible, house-inspired brand of trance. "Mariana Trench" opens like a craft boat cruising through the ocean's rough waters in the midst of a storm opening with a driving, hard-hitting electro-churning bassline. Then like a fog lifting clears the horizon, the uplifitng and soaring piano melodies and deeeeeep sub-bass conjure a sense of calm and fresh air, only for the storm to rile back up and pulverize with the second drop, now both with pianos and bass. No word on this drop, but chances are, it'll be coming in early 2014.