2 Chainz stopped by The Combat Jack Show while out in Atlanta at the A3C Hip-Hop Festival over the weekend to talk about his start in the rap game, being influenced by Lil Wayne and why he hates being asked about his feature price.

He explains his relationship with Weezy goes way back as the two worked on "Duffle Bag Boy" in 2007 when Chainz was a part of Playaz Circle. From there he says the New Orleans rapper became a model to follow in the rap game. "Wayne is very inspirational to me because we peers, we came up together. And to just have somebody in your phone that's constantly making Forbes lists, that's an inspiration for me."

2 Chainz also clarifies the story behind his guest feature price, which occurred thanks to a Kanye West tweet as well as a recent interview overseas that people took out of context. "I'm sick of people asking me about $100,000 a verse and all that shit. What happened was I was in London doing radio, and we were trying to talk about the difference between our money and pounds. I was just saying, 'What's $100,000 in your money?' Shit ran and took off," he says. "Have I gotten $100,000 for a verse? I have before. Do I get one for every verse? No I don't. Is it your business? Not really."

Listen to the full interview with 2 Chainz on The Combat Jack Show below:

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