Chicago's ZMoney tends to operate in a completely different lane from the rest of the city's rappers, finding ways to lace every track with energy even as he seems to never raise his voice above a sort of jumbled, raspy whisper. His Heroin Muzik and Rich B4 Rap mixtapes are full of oddball moments and unexpected turns of phrase that demand attention.

In the same vein, this short song and Robot Panda-directed clip feel epic and over-the-top without ever seeming showy. The lyrics are funny without quite ever scanning as punchlines (maybe the word "virus" is just entertaining?). Disarmingly catchy, "Mo Money," which is from one of the three mixtapes ZMoney has promised are on the way, continues to make the case for ZMoney as a rapper to watch out for, as we named him back in July.

Check out the video above.

[via FakeShoreDrive]

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