2013 has been Zedd's year; anyone saying different is playing themselves. The full fruits of his labor haven't even been released yet, but his latest single, "Clarity," has only just recently been having a huge impact on pop radio. Just a true testament of the slow burn his music has currently. While this can be seen as a cash-in, the release of a "deluxe edition" of Zedd's Clarity album makes sense. Word today is that it will feature "Stay the Night," the Hayley Williams-featured number that just got previewed today (watch out for the premiere of the official video on September 23. Clarity - Deluxe Edition is also said to include "Push Play" (ft. Miriam Bryant), Zedd's remix of the Skrillex/Doors collaboration "Break'n A Sweat," as well as his remix of "Alive" by Empire of the Sun. The Target edition of the Clarity - Deluxe Edition release will also include acoustic takes on "Clarity" and "Spectrum."