Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Records is known predominantly for electronic music acts such as Zedd, MSTRKFT, Angger Dimmas, and the label's founder himself. However, Will Brennan is an exception to the general rule. A rapper from West Palm Beach, his music reflects the influence of South Beach's electronic club scene, making him a perfect fit for the Dim Mak roster. At the same time, he is not one of those artists who is unabashadly riding the current wave of trap music. His music mixes elements of that style with a broad spectrum of subgenres.

Case in point is the song "RNR 2.0." It starts with a vocal sample that is chopped & screwed before transitioning into Will's verse, where he talks about "respecting the code" and living his life to the fullest. The beat, produced by the EthniKids, kicks in at this point, the mellow keys and crisp 808s creating a dichotomy that blends together perfectly. The song is punctuated by the smooth vocals of Jenny Reynolds.

Today, Complex is premiering the video for "RNR 2.0." Directed by Rob Coin of the After The Smoke collective, the video finds Will "riding and rolling," just as the chorus describes. Will finds a few moments to get behind a piano himself. His vehicle is being driven by a rather attractive female while Will rides shotgun.

"RNR 2.0" is the sequel to a song that originally dropped over one year ago. The original is significantly different compared to the sequel; the track is more aggressive, the piano replaced by a hard bassline. Also, the sequel removes Will's second verse from the original, relying more on the beat and the song's repetitive and catchy hook. Even Will's delivery of the one verse that remains has changed in "2.0," his enunciation altered to match the beat's tempo.

Overall, the Florida rapper has pursued a very unique strategy for releasing his music, as he continues to promote "RNR" as a single purhcase as opposed to releasing more music to maintain relevancy and to create a bigger buzz. The plan seems to be wokring for Will, as he has furthered his momentum by taking this song and its accompanying remixes on the road with him, growing a fan base with every live concert experience. But for those looking for a full length project, his most notable body of work to-date is The Prodigal Son.

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