On the Internets, everyone has a voice: nerds who love music (us), DJs who need to express their feelings about everything from double standards to shitty flights, and so much more. One group of people who deserve a voice is that of the DJ's girlfriend. Outside of a few op-eds, random Facebook pages, this Twitter account, and the odd MTV True Life episode, we've not seen their plight being discussed nearly enough. We imagine that the life of the DJ's girlfriend is tough, ranging from doubts about their fidelity to overall time spent away from their loved one, but who's speaking up for them? For a while, we thought DJ's Girlfriend was.

If you're unfamiliar, DJ's Girlfriend was a simple Tumblr page: it mostly features pictures of the girlfriend taking selfies with a pout on her lips, primarily due to what her DJ boyfriend is doing (mostly shopping for vinyl or hanging with his nerdy friends). This went on from June of 2012 (when the Tumblr started) to May of 2013, when her last pouty selfie was snapped. Now it begs to question: while it seems as though her page was in jest, and she did admit to there being perks to being a DJ's girlfriend, the photos stopped about five months ago. What happened to DJ's Girlfriend? Did she break up with dude over lack of time spent? Was he spending too much bread on vinyl? Did she find a promoter to hang out with instead of the DJ? What gives, DJ's girlfriend?!

DAD reached out to her "Ask" section, and we hope she responds. We just want to know if the DJ started putting a smile on her face, or if she moved on to greener pastures (with less BPM counting). If you know DJ's Girlfriend, let your DAD know!