DAD always hear's the flack about the term "EDM." Just go through Twitter and check out how people react to even using the term "EDM." Spoiler alert: with the way 2013 has been moving for the EDM scene, you'll be hearing MORE of the term EDM, especially when it comes to parties being thrown all across the country. And while dance music and rave culture was previously based on dark clubs or out-of-reach raves in the desert, where you're free to express yourself outside of the media spotlight. When you combine the popularity of dance music with the corporate dollars being brought in, you create the rise of the day party.

Day parties are nothing new in Europe, as they've naturally been more accepting of electronic music and rave culture, so resorts and hotels over there have made it a point to throw massive events with the best DJs worldwide, jamming in the sun. EDM's ascension has sparked opportunities, including the MGM Grand's ultra pool, Wet Republic. Taking place on a 53,000 square-foot space, Wet Republic is an adults-only haven for the grown and sexy to enjoy some fun in the sun while the world's finest DJs provide the soundtrack. At any given moment, the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Sheckler, Kendra Wilkinson, Tara Reid, and others will throw parties and celebrations, or just rub elbows with a massive amount of sexy individuals. DJs like Tiesto, Calvin Harris, deadmau5, Nervo, Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki, TJR, and many of EDM's fiercest are regularly throwing down the beats, bringing an undeniable authenticity to the dance music that's being provided.

If you want to chart how EDM is doing, it makes sense to keep track of how many of these day parties start popping up in beautiful locales across America. While a city like New York might not have the prime locations for parties of this nature, but places like Miami, Los Angeles, and other warm-weather cities (with clientele that has money to blow) will be the prime spots for these kinds of events. Where else can it be OK to plunk down a stack of bills on a huge bottle of champagne, only to spray the crowds down with? From sexy bikini-clad women to the best DJs in the world, Wet Republic is a fine example of where the EDM scene is going: out of the darkness and into the light.

(Images via the Wet Republic Instagram)

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