A smart man told us to keep our eyes peeled on Juyen Sebulba. We already were, but it's great to know that 1) talented DJs are looking out for dear old DAD and 2) our ear for the future wasn't faulty. Astronomar, who helps run Main Course, hit us up with their latest release, the Buyakasha EP by Symone. If you've heard sets by Diplo and Major Lazer, you've heard this one as their opening tune, and it's now available. With the way the original version builds up, it makes sense; this is pure festival damage. Juyen Sebulba's remix, though? Maybe we're biased. The extra, marching drums he adds to this one? That infectious melody he adds to those meaty kicks? The way he bounced KRS-One vocals over this? Straight murder. Don't be surprised if this one is dropped a few times during TomorrowWorld. If you want, you can grab this for $free.99, but supporting with your wallet helps more great music get released. Just saying.