Out today is Datsik's latest LP Let It Burn, which finds him freaking all kinds of bass over 10 scorching tunes... pun intended. For those of you who remember that 2009 throwback "Scum," well that's included on here with tracks featuring Getter and Bais Haus, as well as Zyme and Georgia Murray providing vocals. For those of you who needed some gnarly bits to kill your parents' audio systems with, here you go. Now you have a few options in downloading this: you can cop it for $7 via iTunes, $12 via Beatport, or for $free.99 for the price of being added to a mailing list and sharing a link. Hit this link for details on the entire project and how you can get it, and get details on the Firepower's Most Wanted tour, which kicks off October 2.


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