Spinnin' Records has definitely caused a stir in the EDM community over their "joke" pertaining to a "CD-J for Women" that they tweeted yesterday afternoon, then defended on Facebook before apologizing for being offensive. In the time since their tweet hit social media, there's been a number of strong opinions... surprisingly on both sides. On the one hand, you have a number of talented female DJs standing up (shouts to Gina Turner, The Jane Doze, and others), while you then have those who say that it's just a joke, and nothing to get worked up over. You probably know where we stand, but the fact is, this is not OK, and Spinnin' is being taken to task over it. There are strong feelings on sexism worldwide, and in a scene like EDM, where it's obvious that men dominate (for good or ill), it can get even worse.

In the effort of showing Spinnin' how wrong this is, we bring you a sampling of the responses to their "joke," via the reactions on Twitter. Questions about what should happen to the person that tweeted this, how Pioneer feels about being thrown into this mix, and boycotting the imprint are all addressed. Time will tell how this all plays out, but for now, this looks awful.