Happy Labor Day everyone! Sure, Labor Day is meant to celebrate the achievements of the American worker—you know those people who get less paid time off than their peers in other developed countries—but really it means A) Laboring through another so-called "holiday" (if you're unlucky) or B) Enjoying the last barbecue of the year (if you're unemployed). Either way, despite the fact that the last day of summer is September 21, Labor Day essentially marks the end of summer and basically well, the end of the year because...sigh...winter is coming. (Bet you thought we were totally gonna link that Game of Thrones meme didn't you? Nope!)

So what should you do on Labor Day? You should fire up the damn grill. This is definitely your last chance to enjoy a distinctly summertime actively. In fact, we'd suggest you just sit around with all your friends and talk about how your summer went. (Unless you fasted for Ramadan, which is to say you didn't have a summer and won't have a summer for the next five summers. Bummer bro.) So, you better run over to the supermarket and pick up some hot dogs, burgers, and some buns—though you're gonna have to accept the thievery of the bun game, we do not recommend going all George Banks when you're at Stop & Shop—and have one last barbecue to end the year with.

We know, it's very stressful getting all those things together on short notice, but how about we lighten the load and at least give you some tunes to go along with the party? Here's some Songs To Barbecue To

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