Brilliant. Pure genius. With so many people thinking that the world is going to end when someone like Skream says they're going to be exploring genres outside of the sound they helped build up, the responses on these Al Gore Internets can be nauseating. When they then release a track like "Rollercoaster," featuring awesome vocals from Sam Frank and in a proper disco vein (with live instrumentation to boot), the comments sections light up with equal amounts of hatred and bile. We're not sure if they were cognizant of this from the jump, but staging an end of the world scenario to be the basis of one last blow-out? Brilliant clip. And we won't spoil the end. But really give this one a watch; it's worth it.

Word is the "Rollercoaster" single will feature remixes from Jimmy Edgar, Curses, Hrdvsion and Route 94. Should be a treat!