Ever wondered what going to a Rick Ross pool party would be like? Don't forget the part of that daydream where you embarass yourself, by falling into Ross's pool.

Spin found out firsthand what that was like the fun/hard way, in an insane, hilarious piece published today about basically hanging out with Rick Ross for a weekend, and especially great are where the particulars of hanging around Ross's house—the one from the "Pop That" video—are concerned. Like the cardboard cutouts of LeBron and A-Rod. Or Meek Mill requesting a "rosé‎ hookah." And then recieving a hookah made out of a peach Ciroq bottle instead.

Sounds kind of incredible, right? Except for that party when you basically fall—or even worse, just straight-up walked—into the pool, in the least-cool moment of the Rick Ross pool party, or Music Writers At Rapper Pool Parties, period.

Which actually happened, to Spin writer Jordan Sargent:

The party has essentially turned into the "Pop That" video. Ross and Meek and others are flirting with, and splashing water on, the women in the pool. Prior to the party I made the decision to not get into the pool, and so I decide walk to a bar area back behind a hot tub at the head of the pool. The hot tub spill-off runs into a moat that separates it from the pool and juts out into a walkway outlining the entire area. In order to avoid the moat, you have to essentially walk in half-circle around it. It is dark now, and the outdoor area is lit dimly by a few lamps and a track of neon blue lights lining the pool. Relatedly, posted on the refrigerator in my apartment back in Brooklyn is an updated prescription for my glasses. These are all excuses for why I inadvertently walk directly into the moat at Rick Ross' pool party, soaking myself up to my knees. A welt the size of a lime bulges on my right shin. Thankfully, I'm able to retrieve ice from a Ciroc Girl.

And now you know what it's like to fall/walk into Rick Ross's pool. Service journalism, at its finest.

[Via Spin]