Original album: The War Report (1997)

Why the sequel was made: N.O.R.E. explained that, when he sat down and started talking with Capone about releasing a new album in 2010, he wanted it to be like their debut together. So he spent a lot of time listening to The War Report and eventually got back into that mindset and decided to try and record another version of it. "I felt like I got my swag back," he said.

Was it as good as the original? No. The War Report 2 was decidedly better than Channel 10, an album that CNN released in 2009. It was also better than anything that N.O.R.E. or Capone have released separately in recent times and featured really solid production efforts from The Alchemist, Scram Jones, and Buckwild. But War Report 2 was a good example of how hard it can be to recapture the magic of a classic album. It's not that it wasn't good. It's just that CNN set the bar so high on the original War Report that it was pretty much impossible for them to reach it on their sequel.