Are you a fan of hardstyle and want to hit their Qlimax 2013 event in The Netherlands? All you have to do is take a picture... although getting the picture might be the biggest obstacle. With their Q-bombing contest, you have to showcase their Q-dance logo "the most number of people in the craziest way possible." Word is that "contestants will be judged on the number of people exposed to the Q-dance logo by the Q-bomb, as well as how unique it is," which is good consider how stiff some of the competition has been already. The prize is sweet, as you'll win "one return flight to Amsterdam from any city in the USA, one hotel room during their two night stay in Amsterdam and 2 nights in Arnhem, a VIP ticket to the event, internal transportation, along with all food and drinks provided." How insane is that?! So get your thinking caps on and get to Q-bombing! Here are the rest of the rules:

To enter the Q-bomb competition, contestants simply submit an Instagram photo or video of their Q-bomb, with the hashtag: #Qbombing. Entries must be tagged #Qbombing otherwise they will not be eligible.

The Q-bomb that has the most likes on Instagram will also receive a runner-up prize of a Q-dance Goody Bag that includes a special edition Q-dance hoodie (only 10 made), 2 Die Hard/ VIP tickets to any Q-dance event in the world, 1 Q flag, 1 Q t shirt and 1 Q water bottle.