The Rock the Bells festival has been a hip-hop mainstay since 2004. Now entering its 10th year, the fest, which started out in Southern California, has since grown to become a national sensation featuring some of the world's greatest artists. This year's SoCal event is proving to be no exception, with a lineup that includes Kid Cudi, Common, Black Hippy, A$AP Rocky, and so many other sick artists it would take too long to mention. (You can check out the full lineup here).

In anticipation of the big day(s), Rock the Bells is sponsoring two contests for fans that each have a pretty dope payoff for the winner. The first is its "Ask Ab-Soul" contest, which will give one lucky contestant the chance to interview Black Hippy's Ab-Soul while at Rock the Bells...and riding the ferris wheel. No, you didn't misread that--the winner of this sweeps will get to ask five questions to Ab-Soul during a one-on-one interview that takes place while spinning high above the Rock the Bells site. To enter, submit an Instagram video that features you asking the five most unique, creative, fun and interesting questions you can think of for Ab-Soul, and you just may get the chance to ask him in person this weekend. Be sure to tag your submission with @GuerillaUnion, #ASKABSOUL and #ROCKTHEBELLS.

The second Rock the Bells contest is the RTB Clearing House Sweepstakes. No, Ed McMahon (RIP) will not be showing up at your door with a novelty-sized check if you win. But, if you're a fan who's desperate to attend RTB but currently unable to, then this sweeps will be giving you something even better. To enter, upload a video to YouTube explaining why you want to attend the festival, who you would want to see if you could go, and why you can't go. Once you're done, post the video to Rock the Bells' Facebook page. RTB will then choose the best submission, and award the winner two free tickets to attend Rock the Bells in LA! Not only that, the tickets will be hand-delivered to the winner's home by a surprise artist from the RTB lineup.

Winners for both contest will be chosen this week, so why are you still sitting there reading this? Enter both now!