One of the things that really drew me to moombahton when I first started out was how nice and supportive everyone within the community is to one another. Perhaps because I’m half-Panamanian but one of the stories that really stuck out to me was that of Professor Angel Sound.

A rising star in Barcelona, Spain, Angel Francisco López aka Professor Angel Sound held residencies at some of the biggest clubs and was starting to receive gigs outside of Spain. In September of 2008, he was approached by a Nigerian man who offered him a gig to play a wedding in Panama, he initially was against the idea, but when offered the opportunity to bring his wife and daughter to vacation, he seized the opportunity to take his family and to get some rest. When they arrived, they were place in a hotel, then received a call that the performance was postponed. A few days passed and the gig was canceled altogether, Angel says he was offered half the pay for his trouble and to stop by a motel on their way to the airport to pick up the payment. When they arrived, they threatened the lives of his daughter and his wife unless he and his wife agreed to be drug mules. They were forced to carry two-and-a-half kilos of cocaine taped to their bodies back to Barcelona and were eventually caught at the Tocumen airport in Panama. In spite of their pleas that they were threatened and set up, no one believed them and they were incarcerated, with their daughter being sent to an orphanage. Angel’s brother eventually came to pick up his daughter and bring her to Spain, but he and his wife were left to serve their time.

Angel’s information led to the capture of those that set him up and due to his cooperation he was transferred from La Joya to the “nicer” El Renacer prison. There he found a rundown studio and got to work. Discovering moombahton, he’s been making music to help pass the time. He also took to collaborating with inmates stating, "they were violent, frustrated people. Through music they developed self-esteem and affection. The people who are here have had a lack of love. It's about giving a positive message." His drive to make the best of his situation and to positively influence his fellow inmates captured the attention and the respect of many within the moombahton and music community worldwide, leading to his tracks being remixed by the likes of Munchi, and more.

Flash forward to 2013 and as of August 21, Professor Angel Sound is a now free man! Personally, I’m super happy to hear that this man is finally out of prison and reunited with his family once again. Sabo of Moombahton Massive and of Sol Selectas reached out regarding their Inside Job EP, and to inform me of his release of prison. With the story leading up to this release, I couldn’t help but share.

This is a five-track EP of chill moombahton vibes was produced entirely while Angel was finishing up his sentence in Panamanian prison. It includes excerpts from some of Angel’s Panamanian inmates who are re-creating a robbery scene and has remixes by the likes of Sabo, Melo, and BN Loco. All together a solid EP, one I would easily drop at a poolside or deep and chill party as it definitely has those chill vibes but is still very fun, intriguing, and danceable. To help Professor Angel Sound, all proceeds from purchases go straight to Angel himself to help him get back on his feet. Sol Selectas is making the deal even sweeter by including Sabo and Melo’s remix FOR FREE (with a Facebook like) as an incentive to help this guy out. Sweet music + good karma points + helping a man out who has been driven to make music in spite of the cards he has been dealt? Can’t beat it people, go snag a copy of this EP today!