D.C. rapper Oddisee has never been the type for relentless self-promotion or gimmicky trend-hopping: In an interview with us last year he explained that "there’s longevity in obscurity." So, naturally, his new single, "Own Appeal" isn't particularly showy, nor is it about drawing attention in general. 

Instead, over a mellow, self-produced beat, Oddisee reflects on his career and considers what the future might hold for him, explaining that he "never asked to be born" but noting that he's "excited by the risk and the chances that I'm taking." It's an unabashedly old-school cut that wonders if there's "anybody left that still fucks with this true shit."

"Own Appeal" is off of Tangible Dream, a mixtape being released in conjunction with Oddisee's instrumental album The Beauty In All, which is out October 1. Check it out below:

[via 2dopeboyz]

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