Insanity, simple & plain. Noisia's returned to their Vision Recordings imprint with their first release on the label since May 2012's Imperial EP, so they made this single really special. Not only did they get Calyx & TeeBee to collaborate with them on the intriguing "Hyenas," but they linked up with Evol Intent on this cut, "The Liquid." If you had any notion of what a collaboration between Noisia and Evol Intent would sound like, this is it. Pure aggression on the bassline, with intense work on the drums. Structure more in the half-time vein, this is almost a throwback to the track like Tech Itch & Kemal's classic "The Calling," where intricate breakbeat work meets the more tech-infused side of the drum & bass scene. Massive bass boost no matter how you slice it. This single hits Beatport exclusively on October 7, with the worldwide release (on vinyl and digital download) hitting on October 21.

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