Date: April 1999

Nas felt like everyone was hating on him back in 1999. So he came up with the idea to portray himself getting crucified on a cross in the "Hate Me Now" video. It got him a ton of publicity at the time and helped sell a lot of copies of I Am... But the video also had one unintended side effect.

Puff Daddy, who appeared on the song, shot some video of him being crucified as well. He later had a change of heart, though, and told Nas that he didn't want that to be included in the video. So when it debuted on MTV and was included in the video, Puff flipped out and attacked Nas' manager Steve Stoute with a champagne bottle. So the video ended up bringing Nas and Puffy a lot of unwanted attention in addition for whatever good it did for Nas' career.