Label: Geffen
Saving grace: "My Life" f/ Lil Wayne
Clunker: "Ya Heard" f/ Ludacris

For a while in the mid-2000s, Game was the West Coast's only major star. If that wasn't enough pressure to have leading up to his third solo album LAX, Game was coming off two very well received albums, 2005’s The Documentary and 2006’s Doctor’s Advocate, and a string of high profile beefs with everyone from G-Unit to Roc-a-Fella.

It is under those circumstances that Game dropped the completely average LAX. While there weren't many bad songs, there was no "One Blood," "Hate It or Love It," or "Wouldn't Get Far." Plus, for whatever reason, suddenly Game stopped picking the awesome beats that would make his albums so memorable. Luckily Game picked up the slack on his subsequent releases, but for a moment there it looked like there was little reason to keep listening to him. —Max Goldberg