After announcing his resignation from Hot 97 earlier this week, Mister Cee went on air yesterday morning to discuss a variety of topics including his sexuality, why he chose to resign now, and the controversy surrounding him over the past few years. However, today he announced that he is, in fact, back on air.

XXL spoke with Cee to touch on some similar topics including how he would label his sexuality, the video that was posted earlier this week, and homophobia in hip-hop. Read a few excerpts below, and catch the extended interview over at XXL.

What would you label your sexuality?
I don’t think that I’m gay. From time to time I had experiences with getting fellatio from a transvestite—oral sex from a transvestite, but I’ve never had sex with a man, and a man has never had sex with me. That’s why I feel that I’m not gay.

Did have a feeling that something was up that day in the car at the time that the video was being filmed?
I had absolutely no idea that I was being filmed. And I know who the person is. I don’t know the person personally. I haven’t been involved with the person on numerous occasions. It was a one-time situation, but I know exactly who the person is.

Are you back at Hot 97 for good?
I came back today. Me, Ebro and the team are discussing the situation moving forward. I may take some days off just for some personal time. That will be within the next few days or weeks. But to put it in a nutshell, yes, I’m back. I will resume all my normal duties.

Read the rest of the interview at XXL right now.

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