When we first saw these two names together on one bill, we were intrigued. American alternative band Linkin Park has never been a stranger to cross-genre pollination, and they've always had a bit of an industrial electronic flair to their music, dating back to their debut LP and my nine-year-old angsty self's sometimes soundtrack, Hybrid Theory. On the flipside, Steve Aoki has a punk rock and hardcore background himself predating his electro days, so the match? So crazy it just might work.

Though we heard about the project's debut in Tokyo, the project's fruits have truly come to light with the new lyric video for "A Light That Never Comes." The track features Mike Shinoda's trademark spoken-word infused rap and Chester Bennington's always #emotional whaling over a steady house beat before twisting and morphing into an electro-charged rocker. The track is no doubt meant to fuse the rock and electronic worlds in a modern and relevant way, and to that end, they succeeded. In a time when kids are picking up turntables and controllers faster then they are guitars, "A Light That Never Comes" is not only a party-starter sure to soundtrack your brother's high school romances, but a reminder that rock is still fucking cool.

Word is that this will be featured on Linkin Park's Recharged remix album, which features new takes on tracks from Linkin Park's fifth album Living Things from the likes of Dirtyphonics, KillSonik, Nick Catchdubs, Schoolboy, and others. Recharged will be released on October 29, and is available for pre-order right now.