With Goldie seemingly revitalizing the Metalheadz mystique over the last year with a new batch of truly-awesome releases, it's time for the next phase of 'Headz producers to step up, and Jubei has been one of the hand-picked producers that Goldie feels will be leading the pack. His forthcoming album, To Have & Have Not, is due out this fall on Metalheadz, and is sure to feature his futuristic take on the sound of drum & bass and dub, among other things. If you dug "Say Nothin'," which featured Flowdan, you're already up on what he can do, and this set will feature a number of heads to bring their own ideas to the plot, including Goldie, Youngsta, Marcus Intalex, J:Kenzo, dBridge, SP:MC, and others. Beautifully well-rounded collection of like-minded artists. Check out the full tracklist(s), with release dates included.

VINYL SAMPLER (release date: September 30, 2013)

A. Rufige 11
AA. Visions (w J:Kenzo)

LTD 10" WHITE Hand STAMP / SIGNED VINYL (release date: October 14, 2013)
A. The Moment (ft. Flowdan)
AA. Tip The Scales (w Marcus Intalex & MC DRS)

CD & DIGITAL (release date: October 28, 2013)

01. The Moment (ft. Flowdan)
02. Paloma
03. Block Code
04. Visions (w J:Kenzo)
05. These Things (ft. dBridge)
06. Rufige 11
07. The Middle Of Nowhere (skit)
08. Ungrounded (w Consequence)
09. Say Nothin' (ft. Flowdan) Video Edit
10. Tip The Scales (w. Marcus Intalex & MC DRS)
11. State Of The Art (ft. SP:MC)
12. Neon Eyes (w Youngsta)
13. The Prayer (w Goldie)
14. Incognito (ft. Jerome Thomas)
Digital exclusive bonus track: State Of The Art (dub mix)

VINYL LP (release date: October 28, 2013)

A. Block Code
B. Neon Eyes (w Youngsta)
C. State Of The Art (ft. SP:MC)
D. Incognito (ft. Jerome Thomas)
E. The Prayer (w Goldie)
F. These Things (ft. dBridge)