James Blake is an interesting artist in today's music scene. The English singer-songwriter/producers has been many things, from the leader of the supposed "post-dubstep" scene to the man behind many Harmonimix productions. He captivated the world with his self-titled debut album in 2011, and did it once again with his sophomore project, Overgrown. With the world becoming more in tune with his music, his name has been thrown around many circles, but it's his dabbling with, in, and around the hip-hop scene that's intrigued us. Considering how much James draws from hip-hop production in his own material, aligned with the changing trends in sound that the rap scene has been going through, it makes sense for James to become more of a player within the hip-hop world. With the recent Chance the Rapper feature on Overgrown's "Life Round Here," we decided to take a look at the curious relationship James Blake has had with some of today's biggest rap stars, as well as his work in and around the hip-hop scene in general.