Now this is amazing. I can't say I'm the biggest fan of Chance the Rapper; I'm only just now coming around to digging through Acid Rap (via the big homie's constant playing of "NaNa"), but his sing-songy flow is growing on me (and Skrillex, apparently). James Blake's grown on me this year, and "Life Round Here" was one of the definite stand-outs from his brilliant Overgrown LP. It makes sense that two of the best of 2013 hop on a track together... it's just magic. It feels like it probably shouldn't work, but this goes above and beyond just "working." You used to see rappers experimenting over tracks like this than just hopping on the biggest industry beat. I'll stop my hip-hop love right now (although if you do fuck with Chance, check out his recent Complex cover story) and let you soak into the electronic ecstasy packed in this new version of one of my favorites from this year.