Earlier this year we told you about Hot Natured; one of the supergroups you need to know. This past week the band finally released their debut album, Different Sides Of The Sun. Previously released singles "Benediction" and "Reverse Skydiving" whetted our appetite with a sultry sophisticated cool, and the full project only builds on this. From the impeccable guest vocalist choices like Anabel Englund ("Reverse Skydiving," "Emerald City") or Kenny Glasgow of Art Department ("Operate"), to the refined sexiness of tracks like "Isis (Magic Carpet Ride)" to the deeper, more yearning tracks like "Planet Us," Hot Natured's Different Sides Of The Sun is about as much we could expect from the duo's debut.

The album's strength is in it's conceptual design (transcendence through the Egyptian gods), singles, and vocal performances. The album's vibe will fit a lot of different situations, but try this on for size: Picture a futuristic outer space cafe a la Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey except that it's a refined, classy lounge with the ill dancefloor and the '80s never ended. There's ceiling to floor glass walls and there's only beautiful people here. As the cafe glides through space, everyone's got their over-sized designer shades to shield from the sun's rays. The dancefloor is bumping, everyone is having a good time and no one is going home alone but there's also palpable feeling of self-indulgence through out, begging the question, is this all there is?

Overall, Hot Natured's debut is a very good album and with every blogger and hipster looking to go deep, Different Sides Of The Sun is the perfect starter. It's certainly not groundbreaking, but it is incredibly good album loaded with peak-time dancefloor-filler singles. Perhaps this is what hurts the album, the strength of the singles makes the rest of the album seem arduous at times. At an hour and fifteen minutes, Different Sides Of The Sun is a journey, but one worth your time.