The ongoing feud between the various members of the Brick Squad movement continues to rage on, with tweets continuing to spill from social media accounts into the wee hours of Sunday night. Longtime Brick Squad member OJ Da Juiceman finally spoke out nearly 24 hours after Gucci Mane's initial tweets. After directly responding to Wooh Da Kid, who had attacked him publicly, OJ went on to address the whole situation in several tweets. His main point appears to be that he refuses to take sides in the beef between Gucci and Waka Flocka Flame. At first, he seems to stand up for Gucci and claims that the Brick Squad leader had never insulted him on a track or disrespected him, but later on he disputes Gucci's claims that he had been robbed in the past. He also claims that the only contract he had ever signed was with Debra Antney, Gucci's longtime manager and Waka's mother.

Meanwhile, the remaining members of Brick Squad who were initially involved in yesterday's Twitter back and forth continued to tweet their opinions out. Waka claimed that he was witnessing Gucci's self-implosion, and he had no plans of stepping in. Gucci meanwhile claimed that he still owns Waka's recording contract and that he had no plans of selling the contract unless Atlantic Records or Waka himself offers $1 million.

And amidst all of the tweeting, a diss record came out. The song comes from Waka's cousin Frenchie, and it is aimed at Gucci. The song, "Sometimes," starts with Frenchie saying "We built this company together now you bugging out/I'd put my hands on you but I don't wanna thug you out." The song speaks to the complications of this beef, as the whole Brick Squad movement had a family-like relationship prior to it all unraveling earlier this year. "Sometimes" appears on the Trap Music: Season Kickoff Edition mixtape.

With everybody's Twitter accounts still active and public, there appears to be no end in sight in this battle.

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