Producer: Jeon Goon
Album: Solar

G-Dragon: “I think Taeyang developed this image as a dancing singer, mostly because of records like ‘Only Look At Me,’ and ‘Where U At.’ To me, personally, I think Taeyang tried to make a change on ‘I Need a Girl.’ It gets a little mellower. In Korea, a lot of people compared him to Omarion, and even called him ‘Dong-marion’ [a play on Taeyang's real name, Dong Young-bae]. [Laughs.]

"He was always going for that style and one day he kind of took off that image and started dancing more smoothly, and sang in a softer tone. I think him working with [choreographer] Shaun Evaristo really had a positive effect on him. I realized how it could work really well even when you soften up your style. So that song ‘I Need a Girl’ really stands out to me. Because I liked it so much, I told Taeyang I wanted to be on it as a guest."