Label: Star Trak/InterscopeG-Dragon: “I heard it didn’t do too well in terms of sales, but I personally thought it was really good. Not sure if it’s because I like Pharrell so much. When I saw the music video for ‘Number One’ I think I was still a trainee. Or I probably debuted already, but nothing was really going on for me. [Laughs.] I remember really being in awe, because I looked up to both Kanye and Pharrell so much. 

“I wouldn’t say Pharrell’s a fashionista, but I’ve always liked him. As a kid, I’ve always looked up to his style. Even now, I just think he’s just so cool. In terms of his fashion, there’s no real change. He’s able to retain something that’s consistent. Kanye designs his own clothes now, and he changed his outfits from Polo to something completely high-end. But Pharrell’s always been doing something that’s consistent. That means that it’s not his clothes that make him cool, it’s just him as a person. To me that’s the biggest motto. It doesn’t matter what kind of clothes you put on, if you’re a stylish individual, you’re going to preserve that. And I gained a lot of that through Pharrell since he’s someone I observe a lot, I’m sure it affected me in many ways.”