Produced by: Teddy

Teddy: “That’s a song we worked on last minute. It was a rainy day. Myself, GD, Kush, [Big Bang member] Taeyang, and Choice were all in the studio. It was one of those critical sessions, when we had to brainstorm for that one big record, which always happens. I remember thinking, ‘Fuck, again?’ Déjà vu. It just never ends.

“All of us were sitting there, talking and laughing. While they were fucking around and bullshitting, I started fucking with different chords. I played this one chord, and Kush and GD started singing. We didn’t end up keeping that melody, but that’s how it started.”

G-Dragon: “‘Crooked’ was intended to make the audience go crazy during live shows. We purposely made the raps and chorus to sound extra catchy so people could easily sing and dance to it.”

Teddy: “We felt like the album had a lot of trap music, some R&B records, and some club tracks. But GD’s like a punk rocker at the same time. He raps and shit, but he really loves that whole punk attitude. So we needed a track that could express that.”