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"Wishing I could slow down fame."

Future can sing about pain. This song, "Substitute Everything," finds him struggling to manage his lifestyle, dealing with having sacrificed certain aspects of his personal life. Though drug name-dropping makes up the song's structure, each one sounds more futile than the last, as he attempts to stow away his unrelenting sense of remorse. He pours himself out in what is probably a lonely studio booth, striking a strange contrast with the jarring DJ tags (this is a cut from the DJ Esco and DJ X-Rated tape called, unsurprisingly, Drugs) that bookend the song.

Future's work ethic has been well documented, and it seems that he is proud of it, for the most part. This song is his ode to what he had to abandon. So it seems, not everything can be managed at the same damn time.

[via MissInfo]

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