The regularity of a train commute has been known to make a person feel some type of way. Thankfully, on the way to work this morning, YG and Fat Trel put me in a state of contentedness with life’s occasionally overwhelming monotony. The song opens, “Wake up every morning/That’s life/Take a shower and a shit/That’s life.” YG is narrating his own morning routine, as if to say, he puts his Gucci sweatpants on one leg at time, just like the rest of us. 

But then the hook changes halfway through the song, upon adding the seemingly non-sequitur, “The homie fucked your bitch/That’s life.” So it seems, the focus has shifted. He’s talking about you, now. Your bitch, and her intimacy with the anonymous homie. Sometimes when you listen to rap, you just have to believe that the guy rapping is referring the royal you, lest you have to ask your girl if she’s been seeing Fat Trel while you’ve been on the train to work. That's what I choose to believe. In this light, what YG and Trel end up doing is strangely comforting. That is to say, the life of a rapper can be just as monotonous as yours. For example, both YG and Trel have to deal with the daily pressures of dudes telling females about their other females, which as we all know, can offset (free Offset, by the way) a well-managed love life. The song alternates between thuggish boasting and frustrated venting—and it just seems so honest. Despite the degree to which you may be stunting, something is going to be approaching intolerability in your daily life. Though the sentiment may not be that profound, it succeeds in combination with the sound of the song. There’s nothing like a heavy, three-note Mustard beat and a couple of guys rapping about hoe issues when you’re wondering why you chose an apartment 90 minutes away from where you need to be at 8:00 every morning—or other trivial things of that nature.

This song can be found on Fat Trel’s SDMG tape—which, incidentally, is fire.