Rell the Soundbender is one of those dudes that will take two years to pop because people refuse to pay attention. He's continuing to create some of the biggest tunes in bass music this year, and his buzz is building incredibly slow in comparison to the records he's making. It's humor that the site that premiered the remix package for "The Illest" calls Rell the Soundbender "Rell Love Soundbender." That probably doesn't help.

Taking a slightly cheesy pop-crossover record and reconstructing it into an absolute monster, Rell the Soundbender does exactly what he always does. The weaving of incredibly aggressive synths and palatable drum work is his game. We have no clue when this comes out, as EDM Sauce forgot to mention that detail. This is a good reason to chase Rell's social media down anyways. This hustle and flow isn't stopping anytime soon.