As 2Pac's vaults were lucratively emptied out in the decade following his death, rappers gradually abandoned the practice that made those recordings possible. Many MCs kept tracking multiple verses every day, sometimes with even greater speed than Pac ever did, but in the Lil Wayne model of spilling them out the public as quickly as they were recorded, on mixtapes, features, and even unsanctioned studio leaks. These days, only a few rappers seem to acknowledge any capacity to edit their output, or hold onto a song for a while—Jay-Z's admission that parts of Magna Carta Holy Grail were a couple years old was met with shock and confusion in some corners, that a song that would've sounded perfectly good in 2011 was kept under wraps until 2013. But there's something to be said about knowing when to let a song sit for a while for reconsideration and revision, and not just the diss tracks you lost your nerve about pulling the trigger on.