If you can remember back to the 1980s, comedian/actor Eddie Murphy ventured into the music business. He released a number of albums that catered to the era's pop and R&B wave, and even scored a record with Rick James

It looks like the 52-year-old Murphy is dusting off the microphone with another attempt, this time featuring a reggae-infused style that will catch many by surprise. In the recent video clip above, Murphy is joined by Snoop Lion (not to be confused with Snoop Dogg) on "Red Light," where the two wax on about our world's troubles and Zion.

A Twitter account has also popped up from Murphy, with the first tweet providing a soundcloud link to the song "Red Light." The record will be included on Eddie Murphy's upcoming album 9, while the official music video for "Red Light" will be released September 9. Our eyes are wide open come next Monday.

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