Drake’s Nothing Was The Same finally hits stores today. A few weeks back, when Drake revealed the cover art to the album, Twitter was ablaze with jokes and reactions to the covers, the original featuring Drake as a child and the deluxe edition featuring Drake as an adult. Of course people went nuts over the cover, this is Drake we're talking about! Everything he does, every rhyme he drops, every time his picture is taken, it becomes fodder for endless Internet jokes and lists, forever overanalyzed. Maybe it's because we're all mean people who love to make fun of the same celebrities we help build up or maybe it's because when you're a massive artist, minute details are worth scrutinizing. 

Either way, Drake is one of the few artists who we routinely discuss every little detail about. That's why even Drake's cover art is worth discussing. Looking at his cover art over the years you can actually watch his style develop, his aesthetic come into focus. Just look at how the So Far Gone era made use of silhouettes or how unified the artwork for Take Care's singles were. So we took a look back at all of Drake's artwork over the years to see what else we could learn. Check out Drake's Discography In Photos.

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