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In the second clip of Drake's CRWN interview with Elliott Wilson on Sunday at NYU, he speaks on his new song "Too Much" and how he gave his mother an iPod with the song on it to make sure she felt comfortable with it. Drake says she was upset about the Sampha-featured song:

"For the first time, my mom was very upset with me. She was upset because she felt like it warranted a personal conversation before I went and said that in a song. What I had to remind her of was that we had had that personal conversation many times over and I felt like it wasn't going anywhere. It was sitting on my chest so heavy that one night, when I had that second verse to finish, it just all... It was a huge release."

He also went on to detail how "Pound Cake" with Jay Z came together, and says he did some writing for Beyoncé's next album. Watch Pt. 2 above.

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