Last night, Run The Trap invited everyone from DJ Craze to D!RTY AUD!O to their "Run The Twerk" house party on Mixify. Smack dab in the middle of that amazingness was Styles&Complete who have been doing the damn thing in the name of twerk, dropping their own reworks alongside bits from TWRK, Buku, Clicks & Whistles, and others, giving us a heavyweight dose of that bounce for the weekend. Seriously; if your weekend hasn't started yet, just download this and keep it on stand-by. You will need it.


1. Move Bitch (Styles&Complete Remix)-Ludacris
2. Power Move- Jackal
3. Mobbin-Grandtheft
4. Bust it Wide Open (RETWERK)-Crizzly
5. Pop that Thang- CVKED UP
6. Pon De Floor (Thrizzo Remix)- Major Lazer
7. Work it (Ian Munro + R4 Remixes) Styles&Complete Edit- Missy Elliot
8. Bulldozer- UZ + Clicks & Whistles
9. Slasher (Flume Edit)- Rustie
10. Back At It- thefaded.
11. Throw That (Styles&Complete Remix)- HeRobust & TwoFresh
12. Rockers (UFO! & Bro Safari Remix)- Kill The Noise
13. Double Dutch Darkie (Watapachi Remix)- TNT
14. All Deez- Buku
15. Bubble Butt (Styles&Complete Remix)- Major Lazer
16. Get Free (WhatSoNot Remix)Styles&Complete Edit- Major Lazer
17. Get Low (Styles&Complete Remix)- Ying Yang + Lil Jon
18. Damn- Jayceeoh & DJ Scene
19. Ooh Kill Em (CVKED UP Remix)- Terio
20. Badinga- TWRK
21. Cashmere (Styles&Complete Edit)- Hucci
22. North Cackalacky- Clicks & Whistles
23. Signal (Styles&Complete Edit)- Carnage
24. Hyperparadise (Flume Remix) -Hermitude
25. Like Dat (Retwerk)- Crizzly + Kids at the Bar
26. Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit (Thugli Remix-Benzi Edit)- Rick Ross & Jay-z
27. Safe With You- Keys N Krates
28. I Could Be the One (Styles&Complete Remix)- Avicii

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