Do Androids Dance recently caught up with Danny Brown at the Afropunk Festival to discuss his upcoming album Old, his father being a DJ and the craziest rave he's ever been to.

Danny Brown's Old comes out September 30 and includes production from Paul White, Skywlkr, Oh No, Rustie and Darq E Freaker. Brown explains how he chose his collaborators. "Music is personal thing for me, so I feel like I only do music with people that I'm friends with," he says.

Brown has been an advocate of incorporating EDM and house music into rap, which he says comes from his father. "I'm from Detroit. Our tempo is 140 bpms. As a kid, my dad was a house DJ, just hearing ghetto tech. That's what we move to."

He also talked about the the craziest rave he's ever been to, which took place in an odd setting. "I guess the craziest rave I've been to in Detroit was a guy just had an insurance loft," he says. "It was a party inside of an insurance loft with like 12 floors and big ass vaults."

[via DAD]

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