Take a look at Danny Brown's trailer for Old. An unaccompanied basketball rolls out onto a grayscale scene best described by the non-trippy-party-life side of Danny. The side that you know is coming out when he trades in the high-pitched squeal for the low, gravelly one. It's most immediately reminiscent of songs on XXX like "Fields" and "Scrap Or Die," in which he describes various, decrepit Detroit scenes, though generally only referring to himself indirectly. Now, he brings up this notion of the "old Danny Brown." Is this the old Danny Brown? The one that rhymes about landlords and trying to keep the lights on? Knowing him, he'll frame this side of the story within the context of a "new Danny Brown," who will obviously be a part of the album as well. The song behind the video is called "Side A," the introduction to the album, which will be released in a fortnight.

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